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Yerret J. Maclovich
My Father’s I’s
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A dad’s influence over his son is incalculable. When the father of Yerret J. Maclovich (a pseudonym) was growing up, he was dedicated to Zen Buddhism. Later in life, when diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, Yerret’s father, terrified of his illness, decided to give his life over to Jesus. Yerret watched as his dad, confronting possible death, begged and cried for his life. This had a profound influence on Yerret, and he decided that he never wanted to face life’s end with desperation.

Although he was afraid of falling out of favor with both God and his father while he was considering atheism, Yerret was inspired by his former boss, an entrepreneurial atheist who attempted to link his fate to his own will. Yerret’s secular worldview has motivated him to change his priorities. A poor student in his youth -- who often thought that perhaps Jesus would come and fix his life for him -- he’s now motivated by the idea that our lives are in our own hands.