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Jennifer McCreight
The Evolution of Atheism
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A seventh-grade Jennifer McCreight answered with a nonchalant “no” when asked whether she believed in God. This was just the beginning of her involvement in all things Godless. Once she became aware of the social stigma associated with being an atheist, she frequently withheld her true beliefs until she entered college. As a founder of the only secular group at Purdue University, a public, conservative, predominately Christian college in Indiana, she was surprised by the amount of support that the group received from the student body and its professors. The group had 400 people on its mailing list by the time of her graduation, more than most of the Christian groups on campus.

Jennifer feels as though she went through two phases of atheism: the first, as a young teenager, when she wished religion was true, and the second, as a college and graduate student, when she no longer did. She began to feel incredibly lucky for this one life. Through her college group, numerous speaking engagements, and a popular blog, Jennifer has become a recognizable figure in secular activism. She looks forward to the day when the movement makes itself obsolete.