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Greydon Square
A Rational Response
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Raised in group homes, Greydon Square, born Eddie Collins, has lived a unique and often difficult life. Fascinated by religious concepts, particularly that of Armageddon, he became increasingly devout in his teenage years. He recognizes, looking back, that most of his life, from his youth to his time in the military, has been decided for him -- when to eat and sleep, what to do, and what to think.

In his 20s, he fell in love. His girlfriend, a fervent Christian, encouraged his musical career, which was becoming, ironically, increasingly anti-religious. As Greydon began distancing himself from his faith, she suddenly died.

Using music as a release, he has released multiple full-length albums, including The Compton Effect, The C.P.T. Theorem, and, most recently, The Kardashev Scale. Learning, he found, gave him a jolt of dopamine. According to him, as long as he got his fix, then he “lived a great life.”